Social housing


Social housing

Social Housing is about more than bricks and mortar and having a roof over your head. It’s the people. The heart. The commercial mind mixed with the people-focused empathy and attitude.

Matt Baird has set up his Social Housing Specialist Business to support those companies who put their tenants first and are passionate about what the sector delivers.

From advice about what other businesses are doing following the White Paper to Round Tables covering cuckooing, county lines, mergers, executive diversity, ASB, mental health, development projects, green belts and much more, Matt has shown he is doing more for businesses than simply recruit.

The housing sector is full of people that puts people first, not properties. Matt is passionate about making sure that those who can make a difference in the sector are given the opportunities to work in the roles where they can do just that.

Social housing expert

Companies that choose District4

Below are just a small collection of companies that have trusted District4 when it comes to recruiting for social housing.

Social housing expert

Matt Baird


Matt has specialised in recruiting for and supporting the Social Housing sector across the UK for multiple firms and businesses. Aiding registered social landlords, local authorities, charities, developers and investment businesses, Matt has always understood the importance of the relationship between social purpose and commerciality.

Supporting businesses aiding the homeless, the elderly, young people leaving care, anyone with mental health needs or learning difficulties, Matt genuinely cares about the businesses he supports because of the value they give back. From front line customer service, maintenance and teams of assistants through to Heads and Directors of Services, Project Managers and niche specialisms, Matt will ensure he delivers on what individual clients needs are at every turn.