Recruitment. But your way.

We help great recruiters be independent and happy with our community and platform.

"Best decision I ever made. I love the satisfaction and freedom of my new life.”


Louis Eastwell
Charity & Social Impact Expert

Expert recruiters

Have you outgrown your agency?

You are a successful recruiter. But now your company is getting in the way of three important things: 

1. You know how you want to recruit and spend your time
2. You want the flexibility to work to live, not the other way round.
3. You want a fairer share of the wins you gain for your company.

But you understand the risks of going completely by yourself.

This is where District4 can help.

Expert recruiters that start their recruitment business with District4 benefit from a wealth of opportunities. From our Launch Pad (valued over £15k) etc etc. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nullam laoreet diam in urna auctor mollis.

Expert recruiters


And it goes up to 90% when you go past 200k…

Expert recruiters


Being independent is great but that doesn’t mean you are on your own. Our community swap war stories, offer advice and support, provide introductions as well as play a mean game of wordle.

Expert recruiters

How do we help with set up and risks?

As part of your assessment will provide you tools to reflect on your business. This will allow you to understand the opportunity using your own market knowledge and expectations. We work with finance and technology partners to set up your limited company, bank account, virtual address and all the exciting tax and compliance.

Expert recruiters

Meet our community

See which expert recruiters have already launched with District4 alongside all the industry experience we’ve brought in to support them.

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