The better question is why wouldn’t you?

If you’ve been thinking about the future as an experienced recruiter then no doubt you’ve considered potentially starting your own recruitment business.

Now is an amazing time to start a recruitment business. So why should you take that leap and start the new year as a recruitment business owner?

* The recruitment industry is booming. There has literally never been more opportunities out there.

* More money: Take home the lions share of your revenue.

* No more KPI’s: Set your targets how you see fit. Work however YOU want to work that gets the best results for you.

* No more micro-managing: Be the master of your own universe and decide HOW you work and WHO you work with.

* Be your own boss!

* Flexible working: work when you want to work. Gain the flexibility to manage your own time without having to report in.

So why would you want to start your own recruitment business in 2023?

The better question is- why wouldn’t you?

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