Freeing Independent Recruiters

You spend your time doing what you do best and let us take care of the rest.

“Matt wanted to be more creative and relationship led with his clients, his leadership wanted to him to focus on old school business development. Now with District4 he is leading policy round tables influencing Social Housing across the UK”


“Louis loved travel and knew he could work from Barcelona and Stockholm. He also knew that getting a fairer share of his billings meant he had less pressure and more work life balance. The stamps on his passport speak for themselves after joining District4”

“What Ian doesn’t know about construction ain’t worth knowing, he is best when he is on site and doesn’t need LinkedIn licences or all hands meetings. With District4 we take care of back office setup and invoicing so he can be Ian”

Expert Recruiters

Why join District4?

Be independent

You have heard phrases like “Your desk is your business” and you have treated it like that. Now it time to put truth to those lies. Decide how things are run.

Earn fairly

Between opaque commission structures and ones that are just plain unfair or non existent you have less in your pocket than you should. We change this by letting you keep at least 70% of what you bring in.

Launch support

You are not on your own, we build a business plan with you using your real figures not the made numbers your company gave you as a rookie. Importantly, we do this before you start so you have the facts before making the jump.

Back office & systems sorted

Credit checks on clients, marketing, invoicing follow up, credit control, contractor payroll, finance factoring, IT support, Companies House setup, Sales CRM, Email signature, Applicant Tracking Systems. Did we forget anything? We have you covered.


You already know how to recruit and we want to get out of your way. From digital nomads to people returning from maternity and everyone in between. The when, where and how are not important to us.

Be part of a community

You are part of a wave of people asking for more, some of them have already found District4. We have a mix of app based chat, private spaces, regular meetups and informative content so you are always a button press away from someone like you.

Expert Recruiters

District4 Community and Membership Features

Get off to a flying start with The District4 Launch Package!

One of the ways in which we do this is through our District4 owner launch package. Every new District4 owner gets the launch package included as standard.

So what’s included?

FeatureWider CommunityCore Member
Slack ChannelYY
Startup ChecklistYY
Monthly WebinarYY
Quarterly SocialYY
Vincere CRMY
Company Creation & LaunchY
Invoicing & Back Office SupportY
Office 365 and Tech SupportY
1:1 CoachingY
Quarterly Strategy SummitY
Brighter Future

Let’s talk next steps


Have a chat with one of the team to get advice on whether this right for you

Any Questions?


Because we’re building a community of people who are independent but want to collaborate and build something bigger and better together.
Each member is self-employed i.e. they set up their own limited company which they are a director of. That company then invoices D4 and D4 invoices the client.
Once membership is approved then you’ll be ready to go within a week.

Member success is our single biggest focus and we understand the first 6 months are the hardest. So we do everything we can to help you succeed fast:

• Support on putting business plan together
• We’ll provide a coach
• Systems integrated and all ready to go from Day 1
• Other members “paying it forward” with leads, ideas and lessons learnt

We’re constantly getting member feedback to see what else we can do to help: a successful member is a happy member! If you’ve any ideas just let us know.

We’re sure you will, good people tend to know good people. Any member referring another member receives 2% of their billings. The more of us there are, the more powerful it becomes.

Yes! Cross-selling, joint pitches, shared learnings and support.
The whole concept is that members will drive the key areas of the Community according to what they’re interested in. We’ll have dedicated groups of members for marketing, community/collaboration, systems, member selection and more who will make the decisions in these areas supported by our Operations teams.