Our founder James Johnson had a vision. In his words “If you can bring together great people then you can achieve great things.”

Prior to the pandemic James ran Nicoll Curtin which he subsequently sold to pursue his dream of bringing together expert recruiters who wanted to own their own businesses within a community of other like-minded recruitment business owners. District4 was born.

James saw 2 main problems with the traditional recruitment model:

1) Whilst recruitment businesses said that their people were at the heart of their business, they had no choice but to put the business first. They had large bills to pay and a business to run.

2) The industry was losing amazing talented recruiters to other industries.

He began to question “if we truly put the people at the heart of the business model then what would it look like?”

For James he saw this as being expert recruiters running their own business in their own right, BUT still being fully supported with back-office and a like-minded community of peers.

Therefore, the people would be at the centre and the business would work for them and not the other way around.

It is such an exciting time to start your own business within the District4 model. Why not book in a call with us today by heading to the Why D4 Page and find out what we are all about?