District4 Manifesto


Our Vision

District4 was created with the aim to revolutionise the recruitment industry and completely redefine community led recruitment. We want to build a community that is self-sufficient, a community where people can go to get their unanswered questions answered.

Our Mission

Build and nurture global Talent Communities...
We're focused on offering access to our truly niche communities and disrupting talent attraction by partnering with the world's fastest growing, leading companies!

Community Platform

Our community is the heart and soul of everything we do.

That’s why we have created our own community platform where you can connect, discuss and learn from our community of like-minded individuals and global knowledge leaders across DevOps, Development, Data and Design.

Our Events

Events are a huge part of what we do. This gives us a great chance to connect with our community and share knowledge across our Districts. Some of the events that we are involved with are District Discussions, London Scala User Group, UX for Change and the Kotlin Collective.

Manifesto events.png