How we have been able to free the recruiter through removing unnecessary recruitment baggage

Recruitment businesses, as much as they might claim to value customer service and a great experience for candidates and clients, are run for the benefit of the business owner. The basic model of recruitment businesses relies on the owner’s ability to recruit juniors who can place candidates early in their career. Those recruiters stick around for a few years, maybe stepping into quasi-management roles to both bill and train the next generation of recruiters. And then they stay or burn out and head off into another career or business.

There does however exist another type of person in recruitment. They are rare and only a few exist in any given business. An expert recruiter. They are not interested in building a team or managing more salespeople. They simply want to do what they do best and that is recruit. However, traditional recruitment businesses are not built to reward these expert recruiters and so they either leave the industry after repeated efforts to make them managers fail or they set up their own businesses with all the effort and risk associated with building out systems from scratch.

Valuing expert recruiters

District4 is the place for expert recruiters. Built specifically to make their lives easier, through paying them up to 70% of their revenue from day one, reducing stress through removing the baggage of a traditional recruitment business and being taken care of with award winning back office solutions. The rare breed of expert recruiter is freed to do what they do best – provide excellent customer service and recruit; nothing more.

Anything that doesn’t help an expert recruiter has been stripped away. Because ultimately that’s what the customer wants. The customer just wants highly focused, happy recruiters solving their problems. And therefore District4 is designed around how we make that happen for expert recruiters. We don’t have juniors, we don’t have an office, we don’t have management, we don’t have anything that takes time or money away from expert recruiters.

Investing in recruiters to be the best they can be

Money in the business is not wasted on things the expert recruiter does not value. But we do spend money on other things that do support expert recruiters. We want to empower and improve our community. So if we can allow them to do what they naturally want to do, we can provide a lot of support around the edges to help them do that, because everyone needs a hand. It’s no fun being isolated.

We provide support not just through award winning systems and support; we have a team of coaches for the first six months to help the new membership get up to speed, giving people advice around their business plan just so that they’ve got a structure to work to. Anything we can do to help the expert recruiters be successful in the first six months, because that’s really important.

Joining before the upturn

And I think now is the best time to join. Because when you look at economic recoveries, what you want is to be ready for economic recovery, not changing at the point of economic recovery. If expert recruiters join District4 now, it is likely that the next three months are not going to be great from an economic perspective. But what it does mean is that you can get everything set up in time.

Once the economy kicks back in early next year, non-competes are over and you are already up and running. You’ll know the systems. And actually, when those deals start coming in, you’re taking up to 70% of it, not 45% of it. Whereas if you wait until June next year, until you’re more confident that the recovery comes in, you’re missing out on a lot. I truly think that now is an excellent time to step into working for yourself and being your own boss. Do it now so you’re ready for the upturn.

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