DevOps: AWS vs GCP vs AZURE

District Discussion presents DevOps: AWS vs GCP vs AZURE on Thursday 19th of April at 18:30 @ The Shard, London.

This Meetup is an opportunity to spend time with industry leaders in small groups utilising an open a Q&A format around the leading cloud offerings.

With each 'speaker' focusing on a cloud platform (AWS, GCP and Azure) they will present a brief outline of one of the biggest challenges they have recently overcome and how they solved it (expect meme's, containers and ample surprises!).

We'll have complex problem solving, extensive Q&A and small groups to ensure the conversation is flowing.


Jonathan Hammant Managing Director

Jon is a Managing Director in Accenture focusing on Infrastructure/Cloud Transformation & Cloud Native/DevOps delivery in the world’s largest financial and tech organizations. He’s an expert Cloud Architect, DevOps leader and often works as a CTO-for-hire when clients need it most.


Mario Nevrides

Mario has worked on some of the worlds largest digital/cloud transformation projects globally including HSBC and GSK. He is now building an emerging cloud consultancy with some of the most recognised cloud architects and consultants in London.


Justin Davies
Technology Lead

Justin is the Technology Lead for Open Source at Microsoft in the UK. He’s been working with Open Source for 20 years, and with companies from Startups, Media and Financial Services to Public Sector to implement OSS and championing its adoption to drive innovation and agility.

More agenda to come over the next week...

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