London Scala User Group

On Monday 10th December, District4 sponsored and attended the latest edition of the London Scala Users’ Group talks.

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The final meetup of 2018 proved to be an enjoyable one, as Diego Alonso firstly led the large crowd through an intriguing talk on Functional Reactive Programming with a functional streaming library, ‘FS2’.


His presentation helped the large number of attendees explore the key concept of FRP and FS2, how they relate to each other and what ideas from FRP can be used to guide future development of FS2.


The second talk was led by Deliveroo duo Lindsey Dew and Omnia Ibrahim, who gave an introduction to Kafka streaming as a result of the rise of data-driven projects they’ve witnessed.


Both shared Scala code examples, demonstrations of use-case they have at work, the problems they faced and how they solved them.


District4 laid on food and drink for the attendees to finish an enjoyable evening that was had by all.

Finally, we are looking forward to see what the London Scala User Group has in store for us in 2019!