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Interested in relocating to Berlin? You’re in luck!

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We have created a full guide informing you of what life in Berlin is like. In this guide we prove why the German capital is such a unique city with a fantastic living experience. We discuss a range of different subjects within the guide, all of which being important information in your decision making. Some of the subjects we focus on are:

  • A new start-up is founded every 20 minutes in Berlin. The city has such a massive technology community which attracts a large amount of innovative like minded people. We also give some examples of some big technology events that take place in Berlin.

  • The German capital is such a cool, urban, green city that isn’t like any other city in Europe. In this section we discuss the fact that Berlin is 46% green space or water. We also discuss that the city is very environmentally friendly and some of the schemes in place.

  • Berlin is the cultural hub of Germany. The city offers such a huge diverse cultural experience where you will not be able to find anywhere else in Germany. Because of the diversity, this has led to many different cultural events, festivals and foods.

Oktoberfest - The world's largest Volksfest celebrated every year

Oktoberfest - The world's largest Volksfest celebrated every year

  •  You will never be bored when living in Berlin. We list a range, with examples of all the best things that the city has to offer. A great event to experience is the Mauerpark on a Sunday. It becomes one of Berlins biggest flea markets selling a range of goods. This is just one of the many great experiences that Berlin has to offer.

The Reichstag, “a symbol of a new era in German politics”

The Reichstag, “a symbol of a new era in German politics”

  • Berlin has such an effective public transportation system that is so affordable. In this section we run through all the different modes of transport that are available within the capital city. The most popular forms of public transport are the U-Bahn, S-Bahn and the bus service.


  •  The costs of living in Berlin isn’t much. Comparing it to other European cities, Berlin is cheaper than most of them. In this section we focus on the costs of living in this wonderful city. We run through the living, transport and entertainment costs in order to give you a better understanding about this subject.

More information on all of the the topics above will be available in this guide. In order to download the PDF submit your details below.

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