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James Johnson

We believe that you bring great people together and great things happen. You just need to provide the right home.

There are lots of exceptional recruiters out there who are isolated and unsupported. Their time being wasted on things they don’t enjoy and customers don’t value. They could be on their own, in a bigger agency surrounded by juniors or they might even have given up and left the industry.

Our mission is to bring them all into one place. Support them to launch their own successful businesses. Take care of the time consuming. Surround them with peers. And bring the smile back to their faces and to the faces of their clients and candidates.

With the simple philosophy of “happy recruiters, happy customers”, and a deep belief in DE&I, we believe our model is the evolution of recruitment. A community of expert recruiters showing that recruitment is a profession to be proud of.

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How do we operate?


If you want something done right give it to an expert. It’s just that in life it’s hard to find them especially when in most organisations they have been sucked into management roles rather than helping customers. Our idea is to only work with independent experts from all over the world but bring them all together in one place. Our expert recruiters are their own bosses and so are all our key partners. All are experts in their fields who want to focus on what they’re great at. No longer will customers have to choose between niche expertise or scale – it will all be in one place.


Any organisation just wants the best people. You have the best people you win, it’s simple! Anything that gets in the way of that should be eliminated. We build around shared values not shared characteristics and are committed to be a diverse and inclusive organisation. We’re learning all the time how to be better, and are definitely not perfect, but we’re hoping to be close one day. We will share where we are succeeding and failing.


If you work with the right people, it’s not about control but enablement. Everyone knows what they need to do and knows how to do it. Importantly they also know when they can do it and that’s not the same for everyone! We all have commitments – kids, pets, caring and many other obligations that don’t fit neatly into the 9 to 5. Work wherever, whenever because you know how to get it done.


Life is just more fun when you surround yourself with great people. Communities are the way of the future with members sharing ideas, supporting, learning and so much more. No managers, just expert peers switching between working solo and collaborating where appropriate. We’re discovering new ways to do this every day – it’s very exciting!

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