Founder & Coach

James Johnson

We came from across the industry; agency entrepreneurs, learning and development, inhouse talent and people.

For one mission – To nurture what experienced recruiters are truly capable of.


To be the community and platform independent recruiters trust for support and development.

  • By building an open and engaged community we unleash learnings, support networks and general good vibes.
  • In doing this, recruiters will gain the confidence to be independent and seek a partner to go on that journey.
  • Once connected we become motivated to grow their business and improve the platform according to their needs

Traditionally there were 3 ways to move in the recruitment industry as an experienced recruiter

  • Try another agency, still billing for others
  • Start your own and have the risk and isolation
  • Go in house, and lose the potential earnings

But there is a fourth way, with District4 you can get the best of all worlds.

Take your first steps to independence by joining a collection of recruiters who are also on the verge of outgrowing their current place.

Expert recruiters

Meet our team

Meet the team working behind the scenes to support the District4 expert recruiters community.

Head Coach

Founder & Coach

Head of Membership

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Our Values

Humble Excellence

• We are full of beans but not full of ourselves.
• We are committed to professional and personal development
• We are willing to put the work in to be successful

Respectful Freedom

• We do it our way but not at someone else’s expense
• We like to help and are excited about working within the community
• We respect each other’s time

Find Your Voice

• We are more than just recruiters
• We support DEI and are part of the change
• We are active online, creating content and interacting with D4 and other members

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