A recruitment community like no other

I joined District4 for a number of reasons. Compared with other options for experienced recruiters the approach was very different. The chance to be a founding member of a community that was looking to create something new. A community of expert recruiters who share ideas and values. Like-minded individuals who are on a similar journey in building their own businesses. And with that the goal of building a very diverse community at the forefront of everything was a big hook for me joining District4.

To put that decision in context first and foremost, I’m a father of three. Originally, from Zambia, I moved to England when I was about six, I come from a fairly international family.

I’ve got a football background. Kicking off at the academy at QPR and I then later played for some professional teams in Scandinavia, and then also internationally for Zambia. However, now in my 40s, I’m not quite the player I used to be. A few too many injuries, and probably a few too many pounds means that nowadays I leave it to my boys and count myself as a soccer dad.

Since football my career has been split between financial advising, wealth management and then moving into headhunting. I specialise in the SAP market where I have been working for the last five years, predominantly within Europe, especially Germany. Most roles are senior level Project Managers, Programme Managers and Heads of Business. I’ve recently started working in Heads of Diversity and Inclusion, the people who are leading strategies within international companies and small to medium enterprises.

How will district4’s community help me be successful?

My background has meant that the decision to join District4 was an easy one. I think that to be successful in a new business you need to have the freedom to choose your own direction. That ownership of my own business coupled with the diverse community will help me grow. Our members work in all sorts of different industries. And it is interesting sharing each other’s ideas and being able to work alongside, albeit virtually, like-minded recruiters who are spurring each other on. Ultimately I think the freedom and community will be what makes me successful

For example, I absolutely feel like I am learning again. I am sure we all feel a bit like that with the changes that COVID has brought to the world of work. We are all learning new ways to interact with people now through Fuze, Zoom or Microsoft Teams. As a community, we are all learning new things together. Additionally I have learned about different industries and different ways of recruiting. If I had stayed down the same path in a traditional business; I would not have been as well prepared as I feel today.

Additionally, with such a diverse membership it’s great to be able to learn from each specialist. Understanding different approaches from business development to client management or candidate sourcing, we all have different backgrounds, and that means we can all learn and share our best practices. I certainly feel much more rounded as a recruiter, business owner and individual since joining District4

How will the community benefit clients?

It may be a cliche to say, but for clients the community represents a real one-stop-shop for their recruitment needs. We have members covering all sorts of different areas. Each recruiter is a real expert in their field. Clients get both the width and expertise in each sector. They no longer need to sacrifice one for the other

The community is the real strength of District4. It really feels like we are all on a journey. Each one is different, but it’s fantastic to share with other members who are in similar positions to you. I am excited about what the future holds, and seeing how our businesses and expertise continue to grow.

In previous roles I felt like I was in a dog-eat-dog environment. This is flipped on its head with the community at District4, everybody wants everyone else to do well. We each have a vested interest in the community doing well. I have been surprised by how supportive and together this feels. It’s refreshing to feel like you’re part of a real community. This is backed up by the fantastic infrastructure from our back office functions. I know people talk a lot about community in other organisations. I think before I joined District4, I conceptually understood the value of community, but until I’d experienced it, it’s hard to really feel it. It’s hard to know the true value of it until you’ve experienced it

From the start of my experience with District4, getting involved with the members, the structure and how we do things, through to today, I have felt supported, motivated and championed by the whole community. We are all active in the community together, each member contributes and makes us more resilient. It is something that I am proud to be a member of and I look forward to seeing, not just how my business grows in 2021, but how each members’ business grows and how we can on board more expert recruiters with similar values into District4.

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